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Technical Writing


  • Developed user guides, on-line Windows-based help systems, and interactive web training application for ON TIME, a leasing management application from Payment Protection Systems. Designed all graphics.
  • Developed documentation and graphics for IBM’s HotMedia family of products — web development and MPEG authoring tools.  HotMedia won “Best of Show” at PC Expo 2000.  Responsible for documentation on IBM web site, as well as hard copy and PDF versions.
  • Developed user guides and on-line Windows-based help systems for cManagement, a construction software development corporation. Designed all graphics.
  • Published tutorial and reference guides for IBM’s Supply Chain Simulator and developed HTML on-line help system. Designed all graphics.


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Technical Writing Example - Online HotMedia Tutorial

HotMedia Tutorial

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Technical Writing Example - Online cEstimate Tutorial

cEstimate Tutorial

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Technical Writing Example - Online OnTime Tutorial

OnTime Tutorial

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